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Many Challenges For Vietnamese Textile In 2013
According To Vietnam Textile Association, More Than 50% Of Businesses In The Export Market Have Orders For The First Quarter Of 2013. 10% Of This Has Orders Till The End Of The 2nd Or Even 3rd Of 2013. However, There Have Many Difficulties That The Enterprises Have To Face Up With.
 In details, the cost will increase because of the increasing in the salary of the employees and also the increasing in producing cost while the order price seems to be the same. Many negotiations happen but the customers only accepted in 3-5%.


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In the last 11 months, the turnover of Vietnamese textile reached about 15.6 billion USD. In the whole year, it is expected to reach the goal of 17 billion USD.


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Vinatex appreciates the instability for 2013 due to the low demand of USA, Japan, and Europe. To meet the goal of 2013, Vietnamese textile should exceed the obstacles in market scale and the competition of other competitors.

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