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I.History and Development:

1. History.

After the Southern Vietnam was liberated, and the country was reunified; to respond to the call of the Provincial Communist Party Committee and People's Committee of Quang Nam - Da Nang province (former), 47 people who originally came from Quang Nam - Da Nang and relocated to Ho Chi Minh City where they lived around the area called Bay Hien crossroads in Tan Binh District have encouraged one to another to contribute materials, equipment, capital and technology to establish the company with an aim to build their hometown. The company was officially put into operation on February 2nd 1977 with the name called: Quang Da Textile Public –Private Enterprise. Initially, the company’s resources just consisted of 5.000m2 of factory and warehouse, 114 looms, 03 unwinders, 03 stranders, 03 warpers, 01sizing machine, 01 steam boiler ... and 270 employees.

On May 5th 1982, Quang Da Textile Public-Private Enterprise changed its name into Hoa Khanh Textile Enterprise under direct administration of Quang Nam – Da Nang United Enterprise.

According to Decision No.: 2230/QD-UB date August 12th 1986, Hoa Khanh Textile Enterprise separated from Quang Nam – Da Nang United Enterprise to independently ran its own production activities and financial autonomy, and changed its name into Hoa Khanh Textile Factory.

With the policy of reforming state-owned enterprises to transform business ownership, according to Decision No. 9117/QD-UBND dated November 28th 2005 by Chairman of People’s Committee of Da Nang City, Da Nang Textile Company was transformed into Joint Stock Company then known as Hoa Khanh- Da Nang Textile Joint Stock Company (JSC).

2.Development and Achievements

From the beginning, Hoa Khanh – Danang Textile JSC was a state-owned enterprise, had made substantial contributions and dedications to significantly contribute to the development of its hometown of Quang Nam - Da Nang. Over recent years, the company has invested in renovating and upgrading more than 20.000m2 of factory and warehouse, purchased modern machinery facilities from Germany, Japan, Belgium, China, Poland ... to complete the technology chain, put into use additional 5 new weaving factories, and many other supporting equipments, with a total investment cost of VND 37.7 billion, bringing the value of fixed assets to VND 46.051 billion. Every year, the company has designed more than 200 new products favored by consumers and accepted by the market.

Innovatively, from time to time the company has always exceeded the norms and production plans as assigned by superior management at a rate higher than in previous years, therefore, the company has been awarded the Labor Medal- the 3rd class, and 02 Labor Medal – the 2nd class. At exhibitions, the company was awarded: The Golden Globe Prize for textile products made in Vietnam; The Gold Cup Award for Danatex Polyester nets; 10 gold medals, 07 silver medals, 02 bronze medals and many other awards, certificates of all levels.

In 2003, the company has developed and applied the quality management system according to international standards ISO: 9001-2000 for the whole company. In September 2004, Da Nang Textile Company was official awarded the ISO – 9001 Certificate.

From the starting point with poor infrastructure and primitive equipment, the development of the Company is thanking to considerate attention and direction of provincial leaders of Quang Nam – Da Nang, later is Da Nang City, who have always invested significant capital along with savings from operation of the company over the years in order to invest in production development.

Thanks to operation of company leaders along with contributions and efforts of all workers have always fulfilled all assigned plans. Until now, basically Hoa Khanh – Da Nang Textile JSC has relatively built sufficient infrastructure system, closed chained technology equipment that ensures continuous production process, meeting the demand for modern technology process from the first stage to the end. The company has gradually grown and established itself and strives in the market, contributes to rising growth of industrial output value; increase GDP which was targeted at the Resolution of Communist Party Congress of Da Nang City.

The charter capital of the Company at present is BND 20 billion.

Remarkably, the workforce of the company is increasing and steadily skilled, the products are of high quality because the company has developed many new models along with proactive sales and marketing strategy. Number of direct and indirect workers at the present is nearly 400.

3.Company’s business lines

Manufacturing and trading of textile products;

Exporting and importing textile products, accessories, spare parts, chemicals, dyes, and equipment used in the textile industry, other consumer goods;

Acting as agents for equipment and consumer goods trading;

Construction and installation of civil electrical systems; production lines equipments; machinery and general commercial business;

Other business sectors in accordance with the law.

4.Company’s Objectives: mobilize and use capitals efficiently to develop business and production in accordance with registered business lines to benefit its shareholders, investors and customers, create stable jobs and reasonable income for workers, and contribute to the government budget and social welfares.

5.Production capacity

Fabrics of all kinds: 9,600,000 m/year

Polyester nets of all kinds: 1.800 tons/year.

Readymade clothes, mosquito nets: 1.800 tons/year.

Revenue: VND 170 billion.

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